Bass River Yacht Club

Wianno Senior Regatta

July 30, 2017

I am giving you, the Bass River Yacht Club, and the Wianno Senior Class Association permission to use and share these photos for non-commercial use. Feel free to share them on social media and with fellow owners and crew. I only ask for a photo credit wherever they are used. Best wishes, Scott Shucher

162A7909 162A7911 162A7912 162A7921 162A7922 162A7923 162A7927 162A7980 162A7981 162A7983 162A7984 162A8026 162A8027 162A8028 162A8029 162A8063 162A8064 162A8066 162A8067 162A8068 162A8069 162A8070 162A8071 162A8072 162A8074 162A8075 162A8077 162A8078 162A8080 162A8082 162A8083 162A8084 162A8085 162A8087 162A8088 162A8089 162A8090 162A8091 162A8092 162A8094 162A8095 162A8097 162A8100 162A8101 162A8102 162A8103 162A8104 162A8105 162A8106 162A8107 162A8108 162A8109 162A8110 162A8111 162A8112 162A8113 162A8114 162A8115 162A8117 162A8118 162A8119 162A8120 162A8122 162A8124 162A8125 162A8126 162A8127 162A8128 162A8129 162A8130 162A8131 162A8132 162A8136 162A8137 162A8142 162A8143 162A8145 162A8146 162A8147 162A8150 162A8151 162A8154 162A8155 162A8157 162A8159 162A8160 162A8161 162A8162 162A8163 162A8164 162A8165 162A8166 162A8167 162A8172 162A8173 162A8174 162A8175 162A8176